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In January 2012 FTC Autotechnoimport completed the installation of the Transics system throughout its entire vehicle fleet, thus becoming the first Russian client of the Transics company – one of the leading providers of navigation and telematics solutions on the European market.

The system allows for real-time tracking of trucks and cargo, maintaining of communications with the drivers and providing access to all transportation documents through the driver's use of a portable scanner.

Connection to the carrier's CAN-bus network ensures simple and reliable access to information on the truck's operation without the need for installing additional sensors. CAN-bus provides a complete picture of the carrier's current condition: mileage, fuel consumption, system's operation, need for repairs, current status, etc.

The system allows to create various reports on the basis of data received from the carriers and helps increase productivity by reducing time expenditures needed to determine the status of the entire vehicle fleet.

All of the aforementioned factors make FTC Autotechnoimport a leader in the transportation management systems market.

By using the Transics system, FTC Autotechnoimport popularizes transparency within the entire logistics chain, letting the Client him- or herself monitor the status of the cargo entrusted to the company by means of a portal that is based on interoperability of the Transics system and the company's own informational system.



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