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Commercial Vehicles

In order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction a decision was made in 2013 to establish our own Commercial Vehicles division that would manufacture specialized commercial vehicles for the Russian transport market and convert vehicles for company needs.

Today the Centralniy automobile warehouse boasts a 2000 sq. m. engineering and service center that manufactures commercial vehicles and provides pre-delivery inspection for CBU vehicles.

Investment volume was over 2 mio. euro.

Production volume up to 1 500 vehicles per year:

  • Specialized buses;
  • Cargo and passenger vehicles;
  • Mobile offices, auto repair shops and laboratories;
  • Specialized car carriers and tow trucks;
  • Business coupé, etc.

Autotechnoimport Vans Catalog.

Vehicles are manufactured in strict compliance with customer requirements and the original vehicle's manufacturer Guidelines.


In 2014 Autotechnoimport made the Mercedes-Benz RUS, CJSC company's list of approved body manufacturers and received VTA for batch manufacturing of commercial vehicles on the basis of category M2 and M2G Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and category N1 Sprinter Classic.



Expertise and Quality

The engineering and service center was constructed and equipped with due regard for recommendations made by the Mercedes-Benz company's leading specialists. Meanwhile the "line control" procedure implemented at the center, whereby, prior to performing his or her current task, each employee must check the quality of the previous task and ensure compliance of all components and materials, allows for flexible restructuring of the manufacturing process to meet the additional needs of the customer and helps ensure high-tech product manufacturing.

Leading specialists' expertise – over 10 years of experience in design, manufacturing and certification of specialized vehicles.



Warranties and Service

FTC Autotechnoimport guarantees that the components used in vehicle construction will have certificates of compliance and be designed for use in automotive vehicles.

Warranty for works performed is subject to the terms of the original vehicle's manufacturer on condition of non-interference in the vehicle design.

Warranty for the equipment installed – as prescribed by the manufacturer's warranty policy.

Vehicle warranty and service maintenance is performed at the FTC Autotechnoimport's engineering and service center or at partner companies' service stations, with compulsory training on maintenance regulations for factory-assembled vehicles and work procedures provided for all employees.

Expedited delivery of spare parts and expendable materials to the provinces is available as an option.


Van Partner by Mercedes-Benz 


Contact Information

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